Commercial Security Surveillance Services in Tempe & Phoenix, AZ

Virtual Guard is a proactive video monitoring service that is always running during the hours contracted. Our systems, which use military grade video content analysis software, are always watching activity on your property. The purpose of this service is to provide true preventative security.

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24-Hour Real-Time Surveillance

Virtual Guard provides the highest level of real-time surveillance available in the market today. By leveraging the most advanced military grade Video Content Analytics, we give our monitoring station the necessary tools to proactively secure your site. Only actionable event information is provided based on the client’s directives, the rest is filtered out. Our video surveillance systems are always working and can be everywhere at one time, monitoring and protecting your property.

Not Just for Security: Directives Enforcement

We can also enforce site specific directives like:

  1. Trend & Activity Analysis Reports (weekly provided as a by-product of the systems always working). After Actions Report Example
  2. Track After Hours Vendors (example – cleaning crews, deliveries, landscapers). Vendor Tracking Example
  3. Enforce Company Policies (example – making sure truck drivers inspect vehicles before leaving property, or no friend or family on property after hours). Office Employee Directives Enforcement Example and Directives Enforcement
  4. Video Escort (watch employees leaving after hours, and escort them via remote live operator interaction over the phone)

Virtual Guard is a Customizable Service

Virtual Guard is a customizable level of service that is designed to be unique to every site. The client also receives a direct channel of communication with the analyst in the surveillance acquisition response center (SARC) managing their site. There are absolutely no automated systems that you have to go through to speak with your analyst. We never assign more than 3 analysts to a client, the intent is to maintain familiarization and continuity of the site being monitored. The longer they manage your site, the more efficient they become.

Have Military Intelligence Working for You

We use former military intelligence and law enforcement personnel due to their ability to use behavioral analysis when tracking an alert. They can immediately challenge a verified threat by utilizing installed speakers and two way audio systems, “Male in the black pants and white long sleeve shirt, you are under live video surveillance, leave the property immediately or law enforcement will be called.”

Surveillance Where You Want It

By strategically placing surveillance cameras on your property our systems can detect potential threats as far away from the core building or asset as possible. It can also be honed as specific as “Any person within 50 feet of any door”. This provides a buffer zone for our analysts to track subjects. Imagine them as outdoor sensors that act as an early warning system. Our highly trained analysts are alerted of a potential threat before they have the chance to get to the building itself. This is where your traditional alarm system fails.

Security guard conducting surveillance by watching several security monitors

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