Security Programs

Security Training

The Best of the Best

Trident Security hires the best and brightest security guards in the industry. Our comprehensive screening and security officer training programs ensure our security officers are prepared for all scenarios.


We take training very seriously. At Trident, training and development is not a one-time event. We believe planning is the key to any preventive strategy. Our stringent training program begins with intensive classroom education in the office and then moves to the field where competency training, testing and role-playing will be conducted in a specialized work environment.

Trident's development and training doesn't stop there. We constantly emphasis prevention and protection rather than detection and apprehension. Our security officers receive on-going training throughout their career with Trident.

We can develop training programs to fit your specific security needs. We're committed to doing whatever it takes and then some to ensure your security guards are trained and prepared for expected and unexpected events.

Trident requires that all security officers receive training in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Powers of Arrest
  • Effective Communication
  • General Procedures
  • Response
  • Employee Safety
  • Safe and Effective Patrolling
  • Orientation
  • Proper Uniform
  • Use of Force
  • Ethics
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Report Writing
  • Basic First Aid
  • TASER X-26 Certification (When required)

Quality Control

Trident's Human Resources staff has unmatched experience in recruiting, hiring, training and retaining security officers. We maintain the highest quality control by providing on-the-job training with continuous monitoring and control through our Competency Programs.

Selection Process

Trident understands that our security officers are ambassadors for our clients. We have a comprehensive system in place to ensure we employ only the best and most qualified individuals. Trident candidates go through extensive background checks, drug testing and an intensive interview process before being hired. We work diligently to ensure our security officer's present themselves appropriately and professionally at all times. At Trident we read the applicant, not just the application.

Management Support

Trident's management team conducts unannounced site inspections weekly at each client location. The inspections include but are not limited to review of officer training, client specific audit requests, competency based scenario training and morale of employees. The results of these inspections are reviewed during our monthly managers' meeting, as well as discussed with Trident clients, in order to adjust site program guidelines. Our goal is to ensure our employees, as well as our clients, feel supported in all of their daily activities.

Additional Services

Security and safety services are Trident's core competency along with analyzing, streamlining and administering cost-efficient, effective programs. This allows our clients the freedom to focus on their core business. As your partner in security and safety, Trident can provide you with security consulting services valued at several thousand dollars – at no charge!


Looking for a Career?

If you have a passion for security and want to work for a company that provides extensive training and great benefits, join Trident security. We provide security jobs across the Southwest to people who are dedicated to building careers in security.