Traits That Help Security Officers Master Customer Service

These days, security officers provide more than protection for your facility. Instead, proper security officials can serve as customer service representatives and offer a variety of different benefits. The following personality traits provide your officer with the best chance of success in this new role.

Friendly and Warm Personality 

In many instances, a security officer is the first person that customers see when they walk in the door. As a result, a good security officer needs to give off a warm and friendly personality that makes people feel comfortable in their presence. However, the officer must also command respect with their presence and make people understand who is in charge of any given situation.

A skilled officer will be able to keep control of a situation without resorting to threats or violent behaviors. Instead, they will use their friendliness to ingratiate themselves with everyone involved in a case. In this way, a good security officer can help everybody understand what is happening and find a solution to what may seem like an impossible scenario.

Great Communication Skills 

Successful security officers shouldn’t be grim individuals who scare or rarely talk to your customers. Instead, they must have exceptional verbal and written communication skills. After all, officers will interact with many customers every day and must know how to meet their needs and demands and how to communicate these to other officials in the building.

Just as importantly, an officer must write detailed and easy-to-understand reports that showcase what happened during their shift. These reports not only help you follow everything that occurs at your facility but helps improve customer service. For example, detailed reports can objectively showcase a customer’s complaint and help your managers come up with a great solution.

Descalation Skills

When a situation becomes problematic or potentially tricky, a good security officer needs to know how to respond and bring the case to a safe level. For example, two customers may fight over an item that both want in front of a security officer. The officer must know how to talk to each of these individuals in a friendly and non-condescending way to help them feel more comfortable.

In this situation, the officer must talk to each person, decide who has a stronger claim on the item, determine who gets it, and work with the upset individual in a way that calms their nerves. For example, the officer could sit down with the individual who doesn’t get an item and help them order one online. This type of extra touch makes an officer a real customer service asset.

Observant Personality 

An excellent security officer is an observant person who not only notices any problematic behavior but who can react to these situations calmly and reasonably. Just as importantly, a security official also needs to have the ability to work with people in a non-emergency situation and to observe their personality in a way that helps the situation.

For example, a skilled officer may notice somebody lingering around a building or the perimeter of their property and respond to them. They need to observe how the person reacts to them, gauge the strength and believable nature of their story, and decide if this person is an issue. If the individual needs help, the officer can find a way to get them the assistance that they need.


All reasonable security officers should be as professional as possible and trained to meet the highest possible standards. If you want a security officer who you can trust to do the right thing for your company no matter the situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Trident Security today. We can provide you with the intelligent and skilled individual that you need for your business.