Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe

If you own a business, then you own something that is worth protecting. Fortunately, you can do much to protect your business against risks like break-ins, employee theft, or property damage. Keep reading to learn basic steps you can take to keep your business safe so your company thrives.

Choose and Train Your Employees Properly

One of the best things that you can do to protect your business is to choose your employees carefully. Have a rigorous screening process for new employees that includes thorough background checks. If someone’s past makes them seem untrustworthy, look to other options.

In general, if you have any doubts about hiring someone, just don’t do it. As long as you can find other qualified applicants, you’re better off in the long run if you spend more time reviewing other candidates that don’t give you pause. Your business will be safest if you choose someone who doesn’t give you any reservations whatsoever.

In addition to careful screening, train your employees on how to avoid and protect against theft. You could, for example, train them on how to spot shoplifters and then offer incentives for those who do protect company property. Using proper training on what to look out for and how to handle and report suspicious matters can go a long way toward protecting your business.

Have Secure Locks at All Entry Points

In addition to dealing with employees correctly, take pragmatic approaches to protect against theft and damages. This includes having secure, quality locks at every entry point on your property. Go over the property carefully to find any possible place where someone could gain entry. If there’s a way in, it needs to be locked or otherwise secured.

Ideally, good locks are double-cylinder deadbolts or, when appropriate, steel padlocks. Well-placed, quality locks are one of the best ways to keep your property free from intruders. For this reason, consider working with a locksmith to secure your business instead of finding and installing locks on your own. You’ll get safer, more secure results with a professional.

Don’t Give Any One Person Unlimited Access

In the world of business, you’re best off if checks and balances exist, even for trusted senior employees. Even if an employee has been with your company for years or you consider an employee your friend, don’t put full and absolute trust in that person.

Instead, put safeguards in place that keeps everyone safe and honest. For example, you might require people to check out a key to sensitive areas or to sign out valuable equipment. Being vigilant can ultimately protect your business in major ways.

Install Security Cameras Everywhere

Speaking of being vigilant, consider installing security cameras strategically on your business property.

Security cameras can help you catch intruders or thieves in the act. They can also help you to keep an eye on your employees in case you ever need to review someone’s actions. Additionally, security cameras can record crimes that happen after hours, helping you to catch the perpetrators and ultimately get the justice that you deserve.

Hire a Security Officer

While good hardware like cameras and locks will help you, you can’t find a solution that’s better than a trained guard looking out for your interests. A security officer can provide on-the-ground protection and a real-time response to any threats. Your business will be safer if someone is present to monitor potential problems and find solutions.

To hire a trained security officer, contact Trident Security. We provide highly professional security services for businesses in many sectors, including manufacturing facilities, retail, gated communities, and hospitals. We’re confident we can help you.