The Customer Service Responsibilities of Security Officers

The US Bureau of Statistics reveals that security officers’ jobs will increase by 3% between 2019 and 2029. With this tremendous growth, the need for security officers to have training in a broad range of areas, including customer service, has intensified.

Customer service training allows security officers to satisfy clients’ and guests’ needs in the distinct industries the officers serve. Learn six customer service roles for security officers.

Greeting Customers

Offering excellent customer service can be as simple as saying hello to customers with a warm smile as they enter a building. This helps security officers to build rapport with the customers as well as remain aware of people entering a building.

Having Good Physical Appearance

A security officer is often the first line of contact between a customer and a business. In fact, a customer sees a security officer before the customer even talks to them. As such, a security officer should have an excellent physical appearance. Their uniform should be clean and fitting, and their personal hygiene should be top-notch.

Also, they should ensure their work area is neat as well as the property as a whole. The bottom line is to create a professional image of both themselves and the company they serve.

Offering Assistance

Security officers should acknowledge that the customer is anyone who crosses their path, not just the client. As such, a security officer should be proactive, helpful, and ready to assist anyone, ranging from a lost child or a visitor seeking direction.

A security officer serves as a brand ambassador to meet customers’ needs and exceed their exceptions. They should deliver the information customers need and answer any queries. Importantly, when a person is hurt or sick, a security officer should provide first aid and call emergency services. This way, they act as a first responder and save lives.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

In their line of duty, security officers can interact with different customers with distinct attitudes, needs, and expectations. Some customers may be angry or bossy, while others may even look down on you. A positive attitude allows you to delight all customers.

Many customers generalize their interaction with a security officer with the entire business. For instance, if a customer has a negative interaction with a security officer, the customer may walk away saying they won’t deal with the business again, not the officer. A positive and flexible attitude allows you to interact with customers well and leave a positive impression.

Communicating With Customers

Security officers should have excellent communication skills while being friendly and informative. A security officer should communicate with customers clearly and unambiguously and watch their body language. They should always strive to maintain eye contact, good posture, and avoid long pauses.

When dealing with difficult customers, officers should remain calm, confident, and relaxed. Lastly, as the eyes and ears of management, security officers should document noteworthy events, incidents, and emergencies on a property.

Securing a Premise

Keeping a property and its occupants safe is a form of customer service. Good security officers are knowledgeable on the premises’ systems and procedures and who should or should not have access to a premise. Also, they should alert management on potential hazards or areas in need of repair to promote occupants’ safety and security.

Security officers have an essential role in fighting crime. In the event of a crime, a security officer should make accurate reports as well as detain the perpetrators before the police arrive. Security officers also receive complaints about lost items on a premise such as phones, laptops, and cars.

Security officers have numerous customer service roles including greeting and helping customers, acting as custodians of the building, and being first responders. Contact Trident Security for security jobs across the Southwest. We offer extensive training, including with customer service, and great benefits.