Retirement is different today than it was in the past. It is not uncommon for seniors to want to stay active and use this stage of their lives to try something new. There are many reasons to find work after retirement. Learn why your post-retirement job should be that of a security guard.

Reduce Depression Risk

Many older adults suffer from depression due to their health, boredom, or changes in their lives. It is an issue that must be addressed in order for people to live comfortably and happily. One way to reduce depressive thoughts and feelings is to help others. Studies have shown that when people help others, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Security guards protect people and property. Those that perform these services know they are needed to keep others safe. The effort of spending time every week helping others is a wonderful way to have a sense of purpose and to contribute to a more peaceful society.

Maintain Active Lifestyle

Physical activity is very important as people age. Being active over the age of 65 reduces the risk of serious health concerns. Active older adults have lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

The duties may change from one employer to another, but most security jobs require a lot of walking. This a very beneficial form of low-impact exercise that is safe for most seniors and will contribute to better overall health.

Use Previous Experience

Security guards do not only patrol empty malls or warehouses. Their services are used in busy office buildings, crowded shopping centers, and live events. Past experience in jobs that required decision making, problem solving, and attention to details is desirable for all security professionals.

Many seniors have 40 or more years of work experience by the time they retire, and very few will have worked in only one career field. Now is the opportunity to use all of those acquired talents. A previous stint in the military, the years spent working in customer service, or the skills developed while in management are all beneficial experiences.

Keep Knowledge Updated

People quickly fall behind in their technology usage after retirement because of how fast the devices and systems change. Security guards use some of the most innovative technology available. The list of equipment used includes keyless entries and surveillance systems, as well as consistent use of mobile devices and computer systems.

The exposure to these devices keeps the user better connected with modern society. Technology helps everyone to stay in contact with their family and friends. Family connections and strong relationships help older adults to stay mentally and physically healthier.

Protect Savings Accounts

One of the biggest concerns of any retiree is their budget and the fear that they will outlive their savings. Pension plans and social security payments do not always allow people to live the same life they used to enjoy. A new career can help to maintain a standard of living and extend the life of a savings account.

The amount of pay depends on where the individual works and if they are a full or part-time employee. The median pay for a security guard is about $15 per hour, and some earn even more. In addition, employerprovided insurance and other benefits also help to boost living standards after retirement.

Not every retiree is interested in a security position, but it can be very rewarding for those that do fit the requirements. At Trident Security, the training is company provided and employees have opportunities in a variety of different environments. Professional and reliable individuals are always in need, and retirees often fit this description. Contact us to learn more.