The Many Benefits of Being a Security Officer

The responsibilities of a security officer vary greatly from job to job. All security officers monitor and maintain a safe environment for customers and employees, but the how and where vary depending on the company you’re working for.

Some officers patrol property, inspecting buildings or regulating entry points. Some interview witnesses and complete reports. Some monitor security feeds, while others walk around informing others of rules and regulations of the area.

What all security jobs have in common, though, are the benefits of the job. Here are a few of the many benefits to working as a security guard.

You Don’t Have to Sit at a Desk All Day Unless You Want To

Most security jobs will keep you on your feet. Whether you’re patrolling a retail store for shoplifters, permitting people into a secure area or making rounds at a government building or industrial plant, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet instead of sitting at a desk all day.

On the flip side, if sitting at a desk is your idea of a good time, then you can find a security officer position monitoring security feed.

The Hours Are Regular

Whether you’re working the night shift, day shift or anything in between, the hours will be consistent. It’s basic shift work, so you can work it around your school, family or second job.

It Can Be Exciting

Depending on where you decide to work, the job can be very exciting. A lot of the time, there will be little to no action, depending on where you work, but you have to be prepared to outsmart criminals, chase down thieves and testify in court against suspects.

You Will Meet a Lot of People

One of the biggest perks of being a security officer is meeting new people. Security officers tend to be the go-to help when people are lost or scared. The uniform makes people feel comfortable talking to you, giving you the opportunity of meeting a lot of interesting people.

If talking to people isn’t your cup of tea, look for a job monitoring cameras or patrolling an area where the public is generally not permitted.

There Will Always Be Security Officers

The world is getting more threatening every day, and because of that, more and more businesses need help protecting their assets, their employees or their property. If you qualify to be a security officer, there will always be available jobs. If you are good at your job, you can be sure you will have job security for as long as you decide to stay in the security field.

The Training Is Not Hard

In order to be a security officer, you have to be 18 years old with a clean record. Little to no formal education is required, making this a great job for college students looking for a way to work through college.

Training is done on the job through your employer, although a lot of states now require more formal training done through local schools or training centers taught by law enforcement officers. At these training centers, you will learn skills in investigation, observation, crisis management and first aid. Most training only requires 8-16 hours unless you want to be an armed security guard.

It Is a Great Stepping Stone

If you aspire to eventually get into a higher-paying, protective service field, then being a security officer is a great stepping stone. You will have the opportunity to find out if the security field is a good match for you while getting valuable experience. This will also help boost your résumé when you’re looking for jobs.

Whether you are a college student looking to pay your way through college, a recent retiree looking for something new and exciting to do or a young and ambitious person looking to advance in the security field, becoming a security officer is the job for you. Trident Security provides extensive training and great benefits, so when you’re ready to start an amazing career in security, give us a call.