Important Jobs Performed by Security Guards

While you might think that the job of a security officer simply consists of wearing a uniform and patrolling the premises, there is much more to it. These highly trained individuals are responsible for maintaining the safety of a designated area, preventing crimes, and reacting quickly when an incident occurs. If you are considering one of the security guard jobs in Phoenix, AZ, here are just a few of the things you can expect to do.

  • Patrol and examine the premises. As a security officer, you’ll be in charge of walking around your designated area regularly. It’s important to look for signs of disturbances and ensure the security of different access points.
  • Should an intrusion or disturbance occur, you are the one responsible for responding. In some cases, you may need to call first responders to help you handle the situation. Otherwise, you’ll react professionally and correctly to secure the area and eliminate the threat.
  • Monitor employees entering and departing the building. Not all threats are external. As a security guard, you’ll also monitor the employees working in your building. By monitoring their comings and goings, you reduce the risk of theft.
  • Record detailed reports of activities. If equipment or property is damaged, theft has occurred, or unusual occurrences have happened, it’s important to record them. This helps you to spot and stop patterns. It also helps other guards who might be working different shifts than you.
  • Remain visible. Security guards aren’t supposed to be invisible. In fact, the more visible you are, the more secure the area is. Burglars and thieves tend to steer clear of anyone that could complicate their crime.
  • Apprehend violators. Should you catch a thief or find someone damaging the property, you are in charge of issuing citations. In the event of a crime, you will be the one to apprehend the violator and then turn them over to the police to handle their charges .

The security officer jobs in Phoenix, AZ are important. These individuals dedicate themselves to the service and protection of their employers. If choosing the security sector as a career, you’ll feel fulfilled knowing that you help to keep the peace and prevent crime.