How Becoming a Security Officer Will Benefit You

Are you just starting out in college and looking to gain valuable experience to help you advance your career? Are you retiring from military or law enforcement and wanting to remain active and use your skills? As long as you’re over 18, responsible, honest, alert, and passionate about protecting people, becoming a Security Officer will benefit you. Here’s how.

Transferable Skills

Whether you’re paying your way through college or you want to use security as a backbone for your future pursuits of law enforcement, the transferable skills you take with you as a Security Officer will benefit you no matter your future position.

Transferable skills are the types of skills that are universally beneficial in most occupations. Therefore, even if you decide to become a lawyer one day, the skills you learn in security will not be wasted.

The following are a few of the transferable skills you’ll obtain as a Security Officer:

  • Active listening
  • Accountability and dependability
  • Situational awareness
  • Independent work ethic
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem sensitivity
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Instruction of others
  • Effective confrontation
  • Speaking
  • Writing

People typically panic in dangerous situations. However, as a Security Officer, you learn to keep a level head so that you can promote a positive outcome. Your training allows you to assess and neutralize problems before they get out of hand. You also learn how to deal with stressful situations properly.

The skills you learn as a Security Officer can cross over to all aspects of your life. Whether you’re walking the dog, going to church, or purchasing a home, your ability to assess your surroundings and think critically can keep you safer and promote better decision making.

Job Security

Being out of work can be frustrating and financially crippling. Fortunately, the field of security is stable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently over a million Security Officers in America, and by the year 2026, another 71,000 jobs will exist in security. No matter the geographic location or industry, individuals and businesses need protection services.

To improve your odds of advancement and to ensure a healthy career, invest in yourself. Consume security-related blogs and videos, take online courses, and read books on security. Stay physically fit and keep up with your security training to remain relevant and effective on the job.

Job Satisfaction

A key ingredient of employee morale and job satisfaction is autonomy, which is found in the field of security. Security Officers are highly trained and empowered to do their jobs individually without being micromanaged. Instead, officers are allowed to exhibit self-control and accountability and are trusted to operate with autonomy.

Another component of job satisfaction is feeling like your work matters and that you make a positive impact. Like firefighters, police officers, and military service members, Security Officers protect people and make a difference. Instead of dreading your job, you’ll take pride in knowing that people and companies depend on you.

Lastly, interesting work can positively impact job satisfaction. For workers who crave movement and who don’t want to be stuck in a cubicle, a career in security can allow you much-needed variety and the ability to get up from behind a desk.

Some workers loathe sitting at a desk for hours on end without an opportunity to get up and move around. Health problems like obesity and back pain abound when workers are forced to be too sedentary.

While you’ll likely use technology to monitor cameras and write reports, you’ll also have a chance to actively patrol your perimeters. This allows you to stay in good physical shape to perform your duties. Greater job satisfaction can lead to future promotions and advancement in your career.

At Trident Security, we have been providing premium protection services since 2001. If you’re interested in working at a company that respects its employees and offers valuable benefits like incentive-based compensation, opportunity for growth, and flexible scheduling, contact Trident Security today.