Compelling Business Elements That Confirm You Need Security Patrol

Integral to the success of any small business is its ability to sustain growth and keep employees, customers, and valuable property safe from crime. Good security measures like fences and security lights become important investments to prevent crime from occurring on your property.

In 2016, 9% of small businesses experienced a burglary incident. One way to protect your operation from being a victim of many crimes is through better security. Could your retail or commercial business benefit from regular security patrols? Take a look at these business elements that indicate that you may need security patrols.

Large Parking Lot

Your parking lot may be a target for many types of crimes. Small lots may not draw many vandals and burglars, but large lots are often a prime site for a variety of crimes. A full parking lot is perfect for thieves that smash windows and grab belongings from inside, especially if no one is around to notice. Worse, they may steal vehicles completely.

Parking lot crimes can occur during the day when shoppers frequent your business and employees are hard at work inside your building. Or, crimes can take place overnight while valuable inventory is unattended. Sometimes fences and lights are not enough to protect heavy equipment and machinery or your fleet of valuable service vehicles your business relies upon.

Security patrols are well-equipped to more efficiently maneuver around parking lots and other outdoor storage areas. They can protect your property and that of your important employees and clients from various crimes like burglary, vandalism, and theft.

Multiple Exits and Entrances

Some businesses have more than one entrance or exit. You may even have multiple buildings in your compound with a variety of dedicated entrances for employees, customers, and service providers. However, your many doors allow entry as well for unauthorized personnel like thieves and other criminals.

Chances are you possess a security camera system to monitor multiple points of entry. But cameras are less effective if you’re unable to provide reliable, continuous monitoring. Also, very many entrances are more challenging to protect when you take into account additional ways a determined thief may enter your facility like windows and HVAC ducts.

You can add an additional layer of protection with a rotating, mobile security patrol to cover all exit and entrance doors and windows. Security patrol can work as a back-up to your existing security cameras to help safeguard your business from unwanted intruders day or night. They can also check that doors are secure and security lights function properly.

Heightened Crime Locale

Sometimes a neighborhood or area of a city experiences changes in crime rates. Your business may be in an area now more prone to crime overnight or even in the middle of the day. Increased crime can prompt your valuable employees seek employment elsewhere. Worse, customers may feel less safe and avoid your business. Either scenario is bad for the growth of your business.

Security patrols help establish a more positive and safe image for your business that shows you are proactive about and care for the well-being of others. Roving patrols are a huge visual deterrent for would-be criminals and may make them think twice about targeting your business.

Even better, security patrols are already present to respond to a threat while police may take several minutes to reach your building. Security patrols take away the need for employees to react to dangerous or difficult confrontations they may not be able or trained to handle.

Don’t let any of these elements stop the growth of your business or threaten the safety of your employees and customers. Talk to Trident Security now about the benefits of security patrols for your business.