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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security Officer

November 3, 2021

When your business is still new, a basic surveillance system is enough to manage your security needs effectively. However, as the business grows, you may need a professional to secure the business against petty thefts and other security issues. So what circumstances warrant hiring a security service? Here are seven…

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5 Reasons Your Gated Community Benefits From Security Officers

October 12, 2021

Is your gated community making use of live security personnel? If not, your community may be missing an important component of safety, security, and even marketing appeal. To help you understand whether or not live security services are a feature you should add, here are a few reasons to go…

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Security Officer Responsibilities: Avoiding Bias When Assessing Risks

August 25, 2021

Security officers must protect their clients. The most reliable protection occurs when the officer makes decisions based on the actions taking place and not the appearance of the people involved. A decision may need to happen quickly about who poses a risk and who has permission to be in a…

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Stressful Situation Management for Security Officers

July 20, 2021

As a security officer, you’ll find yourself in intense and potentially dangerous situations. It is vital to read the signs of escalation, which include loud rants, profanity, personal space invasion, direct threats, and boastfulness about past violence.

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4 Safety Tips for First-Time On-Duty Security Officers

June 22, 2021

As an on-duty security officer, ensuring the safety of those you serve will depend on how secure you feel while you’re on the job. The quality of service goes hand in hand with your ability to protect and handle yourself in intense situations. Quite often, you may have to deal…

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The Customer Service Responsibilities of Security Officers

June 2, 2021

The US Bureau of Statistics reveals that security officers’ jobs will increase by 3% between 2019 and 2029. With this tremendous growth, the need for security officers to have training in a broad range of areas, including customer service, has intensified. Customer service training allows security officers to satisfy clients’…

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5 Places You Might Serve as a Security Officer

April 16, 2021

Do you want to start a career as a security officer? You might be unsure of where your training, education, and skills will take you. Discover five places you might serve as a security officer. 1. Banks Whether big or small, banks and other financial institutions are places where security…

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4 Reasons to Use a Virtual Security Guard on Your Property

February 18, 2021

Crime is one of the major risks brick and mortar businesses face. Shoplifters, vandals, and burglars are among the common threats that local businesses have to grapple with. Research shows that crime could be a contributor to about 30 percent of business failures. Virtual security guard technology can bolster security…

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6 Qualities You Need to Be a Reliable Security Officer

January 21, 2021

Employment and Wages’ report of 2019, the Investigation and Security Services is the leading industry in employment. The demand for security services is high in nearly all fields, both commercial and residential.

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4 Steps to Become a Security Officer

December 18, 2020

Security officers fulfill significant roles for many companies. The position requires a human element that will keep it relevant for years to come, making it a safe career choice. Even better, the process of becoming a security officer is simple, allowing anyone with interest in the job to pursue it.…

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