Retail stores are vulnerable to shoplifting and other forms of theft. The only way to prevent this problem from occurring is to increase security at your store. Greet customers, screen and train employees, and make other changes around your retail location to make your store a more secure place with fewer losses due to theft.



Greet Customers and Be Hands-On

Greet people when they come in the door. Friendliness is good customer service, as is offering to help your customers when they need it. If you and your staff take a hands-on approach to customer service, your friendliness also sends a subtle message to your customers that they are not ignored.

When you pay attention to customers, you indicate that their presence and activity has been noticed. For a normal customer, your attention is a positive thing. For a shoplifter, your attention is definitely a negative. Stay vigilant, watch customers, and be helpful to keep the shoplifters away from your business.


Screen New Employees

Employee theft costs businesses as much as $50 billion per year. Screen job candidates properly to avoid these losses. Interview applicants multiple times, read job applications thoroughly, and contact references to screen your new employees and avoid making a hiring mistake.

To make comparisons easy, ask all candidates the same questions, and keep good notes on their responses. Go through all of these steps every time you hire a new employee.


Send Your Employees to Security Training

Security training can teach your employees what to watch for when trying to identify shoplifters. You may need to contact local security firms to find out if there are any security trainings in your area.

If no security trainings are available, provide your own in-house training. Work with the security firm to find out if they can send someone to your business to talk to your employees about the warning signs of a shoplifter.


Keep a Written Security Policy

What do you expect of your employees if they suspect they are in the presence of a shoplifter? Write this information down and distribute it to your staff. A written policy can help ensure that your employees will all react to shoplifters in a way that is approved by you.


Put a Bell on Your Door

It’s hard to watch customers when you don’t know they’ve walked in the door. Put a bell on your store’s door to alert your staff every time a new customer walks in or leaves.

Some stores will use an alarm instead of a bell, but alarms can be off-putting to good customers and can also ruin the mood for people who are shopping. A bell makes a much more pleasant noise and will be better received by legitimate customers.


Improve Lighting

Shoplifters are deterred by stores with good lighting, probably because you can more easily see the shoplifting happen and catch the person in the act.

To prevent theft in your store, improve the lighting. You may need to install more lights on the ceiling, or you may need to install brighter light bulbs. If you need to install better lights, contact a contractor to find out how this can be done in a way that is attractive and effective.


Contact a Reputable Security Company

A reputable security company can help your retail business avoid theft and shoplifting. Your security company can help you identify the conditions that are conducive to shoplifting. Your security company can also help you keep a watchful eye over your store.

At Trident Security, we’re happy to answer customer questions about how to prevent theft and shoplifting. For more information, contact us today.