Benefits of Higher Education While Working as a Security Officer

Working as a security officer can be a rewarding and challenging career. If you already work as a security officer, or perhaps you are seeking a career working in security, you should consider getting a higher education or at least continuing your education with further training or taking courses.

While you don’t necessarily need a college or university degree to work as a security officer, advancing your education comes with benefits you might not have thought of before.

Further Your Career Prospects

When you gain a more advanced education, it will further your career prospects in the security field. This means you could potentially widen the locations you could work at. For example, if you have taken psychology or counseling in college, you might be suited to work for a hospital or nursing home setting. These settings can be stressful for patients and visitors, and your presence could bring comfort.

If your college program contains police investigation coursework, you could help to protect a gated community due to learning advanced techniques in criminal activity detection. You would be able to quickly detect when something is wrong and be better prepared to deal with it.

The same is true for other industries as well, such as the automotive and manufacturing industries. If you would like to work for a federal agency at some point in your life, your security officer training, as well as your education, can provide an avenue to working in Homeland Security or law enforcement.

Work With the Public

When you continue your education you also learn how to work with others. This can teach you how to deal with difficult situations or people whose opinions differ from yours. This means you could do well in a security position at the front security desk of a commercial office building.

When you know how to work with the public in general, you know how to handle mischief makers on private property or a distraught customer at a mall who needs your help. While a security company will provide training in many different situations, real-time experience that you can find at a college or university helps expand on that training.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Many businesses and properties require 24/7 security. This means you can find flexible shifts, including night shifts, which give you the opportunity to attend school and continue to work. Adding classes to your already busy schedule can sound daunting, but with all the various positions and shifts available for security officers, you’ll be able to further your education and work in a rewarding industry.

Expand Your Skills

Higher education or continuing education courses will expand your skill set as well. This doesn’t just mean in the books only, but in people interaction. For example, it will help increase your communication skills. During most classes, students are expected to express their opinions and communicate them not only in written format, but verbally as well.

Higher education will increase your critical thinking. In many cases, you might have to think quickly, or come up with out-of-the-box solutions to a problem on the job. An education teaches you how to think differently and come up with alternative solutions.

You will learn how to be adaptable. This not only includes learning how to adapt to shift-work, adjusting to weather conditions, or different partners you might work with. It also means you will learn to adapt to new technologies and feel more at ease to learn new devices and programs.

If you are interested in becoming a security officer or perhaps you already have experience in the industry, contact us at Trident Security for more information.