7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security Officer

When your business is still new, a basic surveillance system is enough to manage your security needs effectively. However, as the business grows, you may need a professional to secure the business against petty thefts and other security issues.

So what circumstances warrant hiring a security service? Here are seven reasons why you need a security officer for your business.

1. You Notice Growing Retail Theft

If you are habitually a victim of theft by either employees or customers, you need to have a security officer at your business. Security officers have the expertise to incorporate efficient measures to end retail theft. For example, they can effectively check your staff and customers for weapons or other threats.

Additionally, through surveillance cameras, the security offices have live video feed of all activities happening in the retail store. This will allow them to effectively monitor your products to prevent theft.

2. You Have Many Visitors

If your business is open to visitors, a security officer can check who accesses your business and show the guests around. This service is especially useful if you constantly have guests visiting to see your work.

A security officer keeps the guests away from restricted areas, which protects your business from property or intellectual theft.

3. You Serve Alcohol

Volatile situations are common in places where customers and clients take alcohol while on-site, so you must be prepared to handle altercations occasionally. An on-site professional security officer will help diffuse any tense situation that arises.

The visible presence of the officers is often enough to deter disorderly behavior. However, the officers also have the requisite skills to de-escalate any fights or conflicts.

4. You Have No Safety Professionals On-Site

Employees should have some level of skills in health, safety, and fire emergencies to promptly respond to any incidences in the retail store. Unfortunately, not many employees have these skills. Fortunately, trained security officers can handle health and fire emergencies, which relieves the burden from employees.

5. You Have Employees Working Late

Early mornings and late nights can be the most vulnerable times of a business. To protect employees that work very early in the morning and those that work late into the night, you need a security officer to be around from start to finish.

The officers also ensure the employees leave safely, especially if the business location is in a high crime area.

6. You Have a Parking Lot

You can improve the security of your customers that park at the commercial parking lot by hiring a security officer. Many parking lots are generally unsafe due to unfriendly layouts and poor lighting. Without a security system, parking lots are grounds for criminal activities and vandalism. But with security personnel on-site, customers feel safe when the security officers make their routine patrols at the parking lot to deter crime.

Additionally, sometimes driving and delays in large car parks during peak hours raise customer disputes, especially when car damage happens due to careless driving. Security officers come in handy during such times to control traffic and avert customer conflicts.

7. You Experience Delays in Police Responses

Often, an understaffed police force is connected to a high crime rate, which translates to low response time when a crime occurs. Before an emergency occurs, check the average police response time in your area to determine if you can depend on the police to provide security. If the delay is too high, you will have peace of mind when you partner with a security firm to keep things under control, whether the police come or not.

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