A person who runs towards danger instead of away from it. A person who puts others’ safety needs before their own. A person who is level headed amidst mass hysteria and chaos. Like police officers, soldiers, and firefighters, it takes an extraordinary individual to become a Security Officer. If you’re interested in becoming atop Security Officer, this article will discuss the qualities that you’ll need.

1. Critical Thinking

A great Security Officer has the ability to quickly use logic and reasoning skills to identify how different solutions may play out. To keep everyone else safe, you’ll need to be able to stay aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid distractions. By staying vigilant, you’ll be able to spot problems and avert them before they spiral into bigger ones.

Often an Officer will need to be among patrons and visible to deter deviant behavior. Other times, an Officer will be quietly protecting in the background. The Officer will need to be able to consider the alternatives and best courses of action to minimize disruption and to prevent negative outcomes.

In order to think critically, an Officer must have excellent control over their own emotions. In highly stressful events, they must be able to remain calm, assertive, and mindful. While others might shut down under pressure, a Security Officer thrives and remains an expert problem-solver.

2. Communication

Communication is important in most jobs, but as a Security Officer, you must be able to communicate well and influence others to do what you say. In an emergency situation, you’ll need to be able to communicate clearly and accurately to your team members and remain professional. Additionally, you need good written communication skills to provide accurate documentation, incident reports, and logs.

3. Security Training

Security Officers stop thieves, detain suspects for police, and patrol and monitor areas. They provide access control by preventing unauthorized people from gaining entry to sensitive areas. They identify people and vehicles who enter and leave the premises. In order to complete these tasks safely, a Security Officer must stay current with security knowledge and training.

Whether armed or not, Officers should be properly trained to handle the specific situations they’ll likely encounter. Officers will need to be trained to assess problems and manage aggressive personality types. They will need to be able to diffuse tense situations to prevent an escalation of conflict.

4. Trustworthiness

A Security Officer should be honest and trustworthy. Since an Officer will have access to highly sensitive aspects of a business, Officers have to be trustworthy if they are to be trusted with protecting people, inventory, cash, digital assets, and other company property. Generally, a thorough background check can reveal whether a Security Officer is honest and trustworthy or not.

5. Dependable

Security Officers should always be punctual. When a Security Officer doesn’t show up or is late to their post, their absence leaves people and businesses unprotected. A Security Officer should always beat their assigned duty and should stay alert so they do not miss suspicious or illegal activity.

6. Physical Health

An Officer must be dependable and in satisfactory physical health so that they consistently and dependably perform actions of their job. An Officer should be able to physically break up fights or hold suspects. Additionally, a person with outstanding physical fitness can deter some negative activity naturally with their confidence, authority, and assertiveness.

7. Passion

A great Security Officer is passionate about the field of security and making a difference in protecting human life. They have an excellent attitude and are level-headed. They are able to be assertive and professional, and as a result, they are naturally able to resolve any conflict that may occur.

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