As an owner or manager who cares about your customers and employees, you want everyone walking on your property to feel safe at all times. But in this modern world, parking lot safety isn’t a given. Your business needs to take proactive steps to helps ensure that everyone comes and goes with confidence and security.

How can you do this? Here are a few suggestions for any size company and any size parking area.

1. Use Officer Escorts

If you already have any security personnel on the premises, utilize them as safety escorts as much as possible. You could use one of several different strategies depending on the need and personnel availability.

Some companies can provide security escorts at any time. Others may want to focus on walking employees to their cars only during dark or low-traffic hours. Alternatively, you could simply let employees know that security staff are available to anyone who feels uncomfortable or who doesn’t have someone to walk with.

2. Try Virtual Escorts

If you don’t have the personnel to walk every employee or late night customer to their vehicle, you may be able to use modern technology to help out. Virtual escorts allow a security officer to walk persons to their cars by monitoring them on live video cameras as well as talking to the individual on the phone.

Depending on your needs, the officer may use cameras to evaluate any potential safety issues before the employee walks out and respond to any problems by triggering alarms.

3. Encourage the Buddy System

Do your employees use the buddy system when walking in or out at night? This simple method for preventing trouble is to develop the habit of coming and going with another employee. You may consider providing reminders to employees that they should walk with a buddy or even arranging work schedules so that employees get off shift at the same time for safety.

4. Add Video Cameras

Monitored video security is a good solution for businesses with a smaller budget. Cameras in parking areas may be monitored only during hours when any staff is on site or they might be monitored by off-site personnel 24 hours per day.

Cameras are deterrents for petty crime like vandalism and tagging, but they also provide an excellent resource to solve — and prevent the occurrence of — issues like harassment or theft.

5. Update the Lighting

Good lighting is key to parking lot safety. How is your lighting strategy? Do all areas of the lot have good coverage from overhead pole lights and floodlights? Does the property contain any dark corners where you can improve light coverage? Can security cameras all easily see people throughout the lot? Do you make use of motion sensors to keep people safe while still saving energy?

If you’re not sure, hire a professional for an assessment.

6. Create Safe Waiting Areas

Do any employees or customers wait around while on your property? They could be waiting for a ride share or taxi service, for instance, or perhaps for family or friends to pick them up after work. Or they might wait for your own staff to provide goods or services.

Whatever the reason, if anyone regularly waits outside, take the initiative to design a better and safer option. Perhaps they can wait in a designated portion of the reception area or in a section of the office with good views of the entry and exit gates. You might post a security officer to accompany individual who need to wait. Or use security camera monitors to allow people to wait inside the building.

Can your business improve its parking area security in any of these ways? Whatever your budget, any steps you take to make things safer will help both employees and the company alike. You reduce risk and liability, and employees feel better about coming to work. For more ideas on how to boost safety throughout your premises, call the security pros at Trident Security today.