5 Ways Security Services Improve Company Policy Compliance

When you hire a security company for your business site, you are likely interested in ways to boost physical security, to monitor for theft, or to screen visitors. But outside security services are also an excellent way to help enforce company policies on a wide variety of subjects — both for visitors and for employees.

How can your security team help your managers and owners increase policy cooperation? Here are five key ways.

1. Uniforms Carry Weight

Subconsciously, most people respond to an official uniform in a different way than they would to a layperson. Uniforms generally carry a certain amount of weight. So when a uniformed officer reminds a busy employee that they must use their access card rather than ‘tailgating’ other employees through a locked door, the employee is more likely to heed the direction than if it came from a fellow co-worker.

2. Security Staff Are Impartial Outsiders

Security officers and patrols are impartial observers of your company policies. They don’t create the policies nor are they granted authority to ignore them. They are simply there to follow the guidelines as requested by your leadership. Therefore, an officer is much less likely to ‘look the other way’ than a supervisor or peer who has a vested relationship with misbehaving employees.

Trained security personnel know the value of many company rules — such as policies regarding the security of exterior doors or ensuring that all visitors are accompanied — because they know from experience that these prevent problems and even dangers. Therefore, they are particularly motivated to help enforce necessary guidelines.

3. Video Surveillance Works 24 Hours

Do you have employees working in locations or during hours when few others are present? Night shifts, evening work, weekend shifts, and secluded work sites are prime places where company policies can easily become lax.

If your business suspects this may be a problem, something as simple as a few monitored video cameras can help. You would set up the rules for what the monitors look for so as to boost compliance without unnecessarily sacrificing employee freedom.

4. You Don’t Have to Sort Through Footage

Multiple video cameras running 24 hours per day rack up a lot of footage that can quickly become overwhelming. If a staff member tries to monitor everything or search for particular policy violations, they may not ever be able to do a thorough job.

This is where an outside service comes in handy. You can set certain specific triggers and rules for what is passed on to company personnel for follow-up. If you only want to know how long employees spend emptying a shipment, for instance, a security service can pull that data from video and return it to you in whichever format is best for your purposes.

5. Security Professionals Know What Works

A small company that struggles with enforcement of certain rules does well to consult with professionals who can provide guidance. Security services have worked with every type of business facing a large variety of compliance challenges, after all.

For instance, what about a company suffering a problem enforcing their policy that visitors must check in at the office? Signage is easy, but that may not be helping. On the other hand, a seasoned security officer may be able to recommend strategic use of locked doors, funneling all visitors through a main lobby, or adding patrols to spot visitors without badges.

Could your policy enforcement be improved by help in any of these areas? If so, start by consulting with an experienced security service in your area. Trident Security will help you target the policies you need to work on with a strategy that can get the job done. Call today to make an appointment.