4 Safety Tips for First-Time On-Duty Security Officers

As an on-duty security officer, ensuring the safety of those you serve will depend on how secure you feel while you’re on the job. The quality of service goes hand in hand with your ability to protect and handle yourself in intense situations.

Quite often, you may have to deal with cases of crimes such as theft, disturbance, or assault. Although you will have acquired a lot of knowledge in training, you have even more to learn on the actual job.

And because you’re in a position of responsibility, people need to trust that you can take care of yourself, and in turn, take care of them. Discover four essential tips to help you keep safe and prevent hazardous scenarios as an on-duty security officer.

1. Check Your Equipment

Before you start your shift, be sure to check that your gear is in good working condition. From your security gloves and uniform to communication and protective equipment, everything needs to be functional to do your job properly.

Additionally, make sure to have all your tools close to you throughout your shift. Be prepared for the eventuality that anything could happen, and you’ll be well prepared to handle things efficiently.

For instance, a faulty radio device could get in the way of communicating with the rest of your team when de-escalating a potentially hazardous situation. Additionally, tight clothing could restrict quick movement, should you have a need to act quickly. If you examine your gear beforehand, you can identify such issues early and inform your manager for further action.

2. Know Your Surroundings

Since this is your first day on the job, you’ll need to engage all your senses and carefully patrol your environment. You need to get familiar with where you work to avoid losing your grip during intense pressure scenarios.

When you’re sharp and aware of where you are, your brain is more likely to register anything that’s out of place. Peculiar sounds, smells, or other related situations might warrant a closer look.

Sometimes, the subtle inconsistencies may wind up being the key to uncovering a danger or crime within your jurisdiction. Getting distracted on the job means that you could miss out on a threatening situation, leaving you with very little time to react.

3. Plan Ahead

Once you’re acquainted with your surroundings, have a plan on what to do for different possible scenarios. Your job is to neutralize a threat immediately after you identify one. Take some time to visualize the different situations that you might encounter in your line of work.

Most times, you’ll have very little time to react to a dangerous situation, so make those long hours of your shift count. As you patrol, engage your brain and come up with plans of action for what you visualize. Your plan should involve the building’s safety protocols, exit locations, and possible risks for whatever decision you come up with.

If you partner with teams, everyone needs to understand their role in a uniform action plan for the safety of all involved. Teams need to have clear communication channels and a contingency in case one plan fails. Having a reliable plan will keep everyone confident and ensure a safe and secure work atmosphere.

4. Be Unpredictable

Working as a security officer means that you’re responsible for safeguarding specific areas and security checkpoints. Therefore, your routes and patrolling patterns shouldn’t be routine, especially if you have a large patrol area. Predictable movement only exposes you to vulnerability, where an intruder may outsmart you and escape your vision.

When you vary your patterns, you have a better chance of discouraging criminal activity, especially for anyone watching your movement. Also, make it a habit to stop randomly and soak in your surroundings. You could also retrace your steps back to your starting point and watch out for any unusual sightings.

If you’re keen on starting your new career as a security officer, apply for a position at Trident Security today. We’re always happy to have self-driven and vibrant people as part of our robust personnel team.