4 Reasons to Use a Virtual Security Guard on Your Property

Crime is one of the major risks brick and mortar businesses face. Shoplifters, vandals, and burglars are among the common threats that local businesses have to grapple with. Research shows that crime could be a contributor to about 30 percent of business failures.

Virtual security guard technology can bolster security at your business. The system leverages live video technology, the internet, and trained security officers for remote surveillance of your premises. Here are some reasons to invest in a virtual guard to protect your company.

1. Reduced Cost of Security

A virtual guard system scans the entire property and keeps tabs on everyone on the premises. Compared to traditional guards, the remote guard system requires fewer resources to maintain. You save on the cost of recruitment and maintenance of the security team, which boosts your company’s bottom-line.

2. Enhanced Security Onsite

With advances in video and internet technology, security companies can now offer more efficient surveillance solutions. The video cameras on your business property connect to the internet while a security expert monitors the situation on large screen monitors.

The security cameras monitor a wider area, and the innovative technology delivers realistic visuals to the screen. Some systems leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to track suspicious behavior in public. The real-time surveillance of your property is more efficient than the use of guards to walk around the facility.

In case of a security incident, the security specialist in charge can send a response dispatch to the scene or contact law enforcement. The remote guard system provides comprehensive details to law enforcement to boost the success of the emergency response.

Some virtual guard systems come with two-way speakers to warn off suspected criminals. These speakers act as a deterrent to criminals on your property.

3. Reduced Liability Risk

When you have a team of employees in charge of security at your business, you expose yourself to a huge liability risk. Security operations come with the potential for injury for the security guard or visitors on your property.

If a security guard suffers injury while on the job, your company is liable to compensate the employee. Similarly, if a security officer injures a visitor, your business might find itself in court. Such incidences can hamper business growth as you have to commit your profits to such unforeseen expenses.

A remote surveillance guard minimizes such liability risk for your business, as the system doesn’t pose the same danger to people on the premises.

4. Improved Surveillance of Personnel

A virtual security guard system tracks and records employee activity at your facility. You can request customized data and video footage from the security service provider.

The information comes in handy to track employee arrivals and departure and monitor after-hours service providers such as cleaners and landscapers. In case of an altercation between employees, you have live footage of the incident and you can use the record to resolve such matters.

Any form of crime can disrupt smooth flow of operations on your business premises. A virtual security guard can boost security on site through real-time surveillance. Your security provider can install video cameras in strategic positions on your property for the best view. The remote guard technology can deter crime, record any criminal activity, and request for rapid response by law enforcement.

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