Office life has ups and downs like any career, so many businesses look for ways to increase positivity and happiness at the workplace. Not only do security officers provide protection for your office, but an officer can also increase the positivity for the office as well.

Little things go a long way in creating a positive work environment. A security officer has many attributes to naturally increase positivity.

1. Greetings and Goodbyes

Oftentimes, a security officer has a post at the front of the office building where people enter and exit. Each day, the officer will often greet employees before anyone else. A simple hello and a smile go a long way in fostering happiness.

The contagious smile often reflects right back to the employee, boosts happiness levels, and will be a small token to start the day. Studies show all of the positive attributes with smiles, greetings, and personal engagement.

As the time a security officer works on the job increases, the officer will learn employee names, recognize people, and build positive relationships. If the office building is large enough to hire two security guards, then the greetings and familiarity will only increase to multiple people.

At the end of the day, a goodbye provides another positive experience as employees leave and go home. Each day, the greetings and goodbyes become a tradition that eases an employee into work and creates multiple positive experiences.

2. Comfort and Safety

The comfort a security officer brings to an office helps create a positive work environment without fear or anxiety. At the entrance of buildings, employees feel safer when they know a security guard checks badges and ensures no one unauthorized is able to enter the building.

A security officer may also patrol parking lot areas. Employees will feel protected and safe when vehicles are properly monitored. An officer may also have a security system to monitor and keep track of while on the job.

The reduced fear and anxiety on the job will naturally help increase positive feelings and happiness. A trained security officer will help provide the security along with a variety of security procedures and methods for the office.

Employees will feel comfortable going to the security guard with any problems or issues that need to be addressed. A proper communication system allows a positive correspondence with the security team and will help prevent incidents from escalating.

A security officer thrives to maintain the peace and comfort level. The officer’s goal is to not cause bigger problems but create solutions without disruption to the daily workflow.

3. Visitor Comfort

When someone comes to visit the office, the security officer will often be the first stop and help set an impression with the office. A positive and helpful officer will create an ideal first impression for the visitors so their experience remains positive.

A security officer may use a visitor log or metal detectors to help approve visitors. An officer helps the process go smoothly and shows each individual respect and kindness.

A security officer may answer questions, provide directions, or even escort a visitor to a specific location. The trained officer will give a visitor a positive experience to help create a positive atmosphere before the person even reaches their final destination within the office.

Positive feelings go a long way, especially in the workplace. All of the little moments quickly add up to make a big difference and impact on your place of business.

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